Event Marketing

Best practices of Event Marketing for your needs

B2B events mainly include trade shows and conferences.

Let’s start with Trade Shows & Conferences.

Trade shows are generally industry specific and a great place to not only showcase your products and services but also to rub shoulders with all your industry buddies.

But participation in most of these Trade Show and conferences invites a significant investment and it is our job to ensure that you get the ROI for it.

What we will do for you ?

  • Is it worth it?

Trade show participation is expensive! Sometimes many companies decide to be a part of the trade show only because the competitors are there too. We believe as marketing experts and domain specialists we are in a better position to do a strategic analysis of the situation and advice you on whether to go ahead or not. A trade show is one of the components of the holistic marketing strategy that we will plan for you.

  • To be or Not to be?

Trade show planning is an integral part of the marketing plan. There are trade shows every year across the globe for various industries. We do the feasibility study to analyse and shortlist the best suited platforms (depending upon various factors like sector, exposure, geography and ROI) to showcase and present our customer’s products and services. This is aligned with the overall marketing strategy.

  • Having a great show

Our experienced team of event management plans the trade show. Activities include:

  • Booth designing
  • Equipment packing, handling & Logistics
  • Refreshments
  • Promotional material and giveaways
  • Booth management
  • Customer and inquiry forms
  • Marketing collaterals

Event marketing activities include:

  • Website announcements
  • Social media marketing
  • Emailer invite campaign

We look at the trade show as a powerful medium for new business, branding and relationship building efforts with an objective of generating quality leads and quick ROI

  • Follow up

The effort doesn’t end with the trade show. The tradeshow is just the tip of the iceberg. The main action starts after the show where we jointly with your team map out the action plan for the follow ups. It not only includes new business leads but also expanding the portfolio with existing customers, monitoring competitor activity and strategizing the future plan based on the market feedback received at such events.


Event strategy and goals
Evaluate ROI expected
Plan Event participation
Aggressive post event follow up

Work process

Execution / Implementation