Marketing & Sales Automation Tools

Best practices of CRM Tools for your needs

Sales enablement suggests enabling and facilitating your sales team with tools and information they need on-hand to quickly close sales deals effectively.

Consolidating & Automating marketing and sales process increases the efficiency of the team and helps unlock the benefits which will eventually drive up sales and revenues.

CRM – Customer relationship management is one of the key and critical components of the marketing and sales process. So, any CRM software or tool is an important element of the marketing and sales automation strategy of the company.

Using these tools, we can automate some manual tasks like:

  • Automated email or text message responses
  • Reminders for follow ups. Automated tasks and alerts
  • Organization wide updates about customer accounts and activities
  • Insight into specific customer account is possible with the tool’s reporting module which combines data from various ends to give a 360 degree perspective
  • Sales funnel/ forecast can be generated real time to formulate strategies based on expected revenues.


Real-time information on hand
Automation leads to increased efficiency
Data Driven Decision making
Better reporting. Drives up sales

Work process

Execution / Implementation