Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Best practices of Social Media Marketing (SMM) for your needs

Social Media Marketing!? You mean like marketing my company products and services on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter? I don’t think so! It’s going to be a waste of our time, efforts and money. – Sound familiar? Yes, we have heard it from a lot of our customers, and we are happy to prove them wrong and remove this myth forever.

We urge you to erase this thought that social media marketing is for cosmetic or an electronics or any other B2C brand and not for an industrial product or service.
We design a strategy to leverage the social media platforms, their popularity and most importantly the networking opportunity it provides to enhance your brand visibility, awareness and grow your network.
Our experienced copywriters team creates content which is relatable and generates interest amongst all types of users.

Apart from brand awareness. one of the major objectives of the social media campaign is to engage with the existing customers as well as prospects.

What we will do for you?

LinkedIn – Content Marketing Institute found that 63% of marketers rated LinkedIn as the most effective social media platform for B2B marketing.

  • Creating a corporate LinkedIn page
  • Sending invites/ InMails and adding relevant industry connections
  • Publish content and build relationships through engagement

We don’t restrict ourselves to Just LinkedIn. As apart from generating quality leads social media marketing is a great tool for branding activities. Other networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are a great way to publish information about the company, values, ethics and the company culture.

YouTube is a search engine in itself and hence an important part of the marketing mix


Develop Brand Awareness
Build Relationships. Engage with audiences and grow followers
Increase Website Footfall (traffic)
Generate Quality Leads

Work process

Execution / Implementation