Best practices of Amazon for your needs

Amazon has launched their B2B marketplace where the business seller targets business buyers. Amazon has created this platform to allow small and medium sized businesses to buy from and sell to each other. Thinking ahead and hoping to reap the same success as their B2C market, Amazon has thought ahead and is strategizing to dominate the B2B ecommerce space as well.
Although the current space is not ideal for all the sectors like engineering, manufacturing and other heavy industries, it will soon catch up.

How can we help?

Being experienced in the B2B ecommerce space we will assist you with your Amazon strategy which includes factors like pricing, logistics, packaging etc.. Although most processes are automated, a cost benefit analysis is important.

It definitely has a lot of advantages like,

  • Global reach possible for your business without any significant investments
  • Hassle free business. Apart from the ease of working that Amazon’s automated process provide, it is also a risk free business where your business will receive payments within the stipulated time.
  • Exposure to millions of customers without expensive advertising or marketing budgets
  • Increase in sales. This is an additional medium to sell your products apart from your traditional way of doing business.

We can help setup and manage your Amazon Business Seller Account.

For a lot of companies the relationship with Amazon is purely transactional and it works like clockwork. But it can be looked at as a huge opportunity with the right marketing efforts.

Sometimes the task of managing your Amazon seller account, handling advertising, managing product uploads, inventory and payments through their portal can be quite daunting. That’s where we come for your rescue. We will handle all these processes and monitor your sales performance closely to improve and drive sales further.

Benefits of Amazon B2B selling

Global Reach
Hassle Free Business
Exposure to millions of prospects
Increase in sales

Work process

Execution / Implementation