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Litefast 360 Displays

Litefast MINI

The transparent Litefast MINI desktop models are the perfect face-to-face advertising medium for high-traffic locations like sales and trade fair counters, customer desks, in the checkout area or in display windows. The crystal-clear 360 displays give graphics and text messages a unique holographic look that generates maximum attention.
Litefast MAGIC

Litefast MAGIC displays offer persuasive benefits unmatched by any other Digital Signage display. As the world's only completely transparent DOOH display, it is a fascinating eye-catcher and the center of attention at any location. The transparence adds thrilling visual effects to any video, commercial and presentation.
Litefast MOTION
Litefast MOTION

Litefast MOTION displays are the perfect large-scale multimedia platform for any kind of video, commercial or trailer. Their innovative LED display technology provides an outstanding color space, color brilliance and contrast. A variety of optional audio systems make Litefast MOTION displays powerful marketing tools.
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