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blueMango solutions pvt. ltd. joins hands with Kinoton GmbH.

blueMango solutions pvt. ltd. has partnered with Kinoton GmbH to promote and market their 360° LED Displays in India. The Litefast 360° LED displays are available in versions, viz. Litefast MINI, Litefast MAGIC & Litefast MOTION manifesting state-of-the-art display systems with high end visual effects.

Over sixty years of experience make Kinoton, based close to Munich/Germany, one of the world-wide leading designers and manufacturers of professional equipment for processing and projection of film and digital pictures. Kinoton offers complete system solutions for cinema and studio applications as well as for large format and special venue projection. The extensive product range also includes the innovative Litefast 360° LED Display systems for advertising and digital signage. The well-established system provider with a staff of 160 employees and in-house manufacturing keeps impressing professional circles with innovative technical developments. An extensive international service and support network with competent partners guarantees reliable customer proximity all over the world.

This attractive cylindrical display is an extraordinary mix of inventive technology and beautiful design that challenges the dimensions of virtual technology. A pioneer in the world of LED technology, Kinoton GmbH has tried to give a very flexible and versatile product to the marketing realm. The display gives fine picture quality that supports upto 1.0mm pixels still giving sharp and clear image, regardless of the distance between the viewer and the screen. Litefast uses very less LEDs thus helping to save and minimize energy and operating cost. blueMango solutions strongly believes that these displays will change the way the world understands the branding and advertising industry.This stable and reliable 24/7 operating display systems have LEDs that are maintenance free and extremly long lasting.

This “made in Germany” technology creates an exclusive scaffolding for any advertising and marketing activity. Consummate for counters, tables etc. The Litefast MINI provides an unambiguous view of graphics and text messages that acquires maximum attention. Litefast MINI is approximately 16.1” in height with a display size of 512 x 160 mm to 682 x 160 mm and a resolution of 512 x 160 pixels to 682 x 160 pixels. On the other hand Litefast MAGIC displays boast the unparalleled visual effects with an ultra-fine 1mm LED pixel pitch which gives crystal clear and sharp pictures even if viewed at close range. The actual products can be placed inside this display which also acts as a showcase to give a feel of reality and firsthand view. The background lighting near the poster area below the display helps to exhibit augmenting the advertising impact of this marvelous Digital Signage display. Some other accessories like Built-in audio system with loudspeakers and active subwoofer, Litefast Media Player, Litefast Image Scaler etc. add to this whopping experience of digital display. The Litefast MOTION models boast a fine 2mm LED pixel pitch for crisp and brilliant images. Thanks to the modular product design, one can get the display customized to suit their needs. Litefast MOTION can be used for any kind of video, trailer or presentation providing an amazing color contrast and high definition image / video. The approximate height of this display can be between 2000 to 2200mm with a resolution of 1440 x 640 pixels to 3840 x 720 pixels.

These outstanding displays can be used on airports, theaters, malls, trade fairs etc. where there is constant flow of visitors thus increasing the expected target response. This completely transparent Digital Signage allows the viewer to see the presentation from all angles, attracting three times as many visitors and customers. Litefast 360° Displays are easy to use and perfectly suitable for either standalone operation or integration in digital networks. State-of-the-art LED technology and German engineering ensure a cost-effective, stable and reliable 24/7 operation.