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3D Holographic Display

Cheoptics360 Desktop is a volumetric display offering a 360 degree holographic experience. The Cheoptics360 Desktop is a hollow chamber with a built-in LED light, making the display a perfect product showcase and the video content hovering over the product. The display is based on a new 3D display technology where a 3D projector projects the images in a prism-like pyramid glass chamber.
  • Technical Specs :
  •   Weight: 23 Kg
  •   Dimensions: 43cm x 43cm x 32cm (WxDxH)
  •   Unit includes: Specially coated venetian reflective glass, Built-in LED light, Built-in Media Player
The 3D video content that appears to float in the display can include an attractive & detailed presentation about the history of a company and product. It may also include the exploded view of the product with special focus on certain intricacies & design details.
A true plug & play solution, the Cheoptics360 Desktop is geared equally well for exclusive POS environments, massive global rollouts, product launches, exhibition stands, expos - essentially anywhere a buzz must be generated or a product to be presented.
The revolving video images that can be seen in a 360 degree angle in all lighting conditions successfully combines the "wow" factor with the fast & easy deployment at trade shows, retail stores or showrooms and other events.